Full branding

inext offers package and device branding as well as full white-label solutions that can help you increase brand recognition and your user loyalty. You can choose from ready to be used design templates or design your own unique look and feel for gift box, device housing, remote control, user manual and frimware's UI.

inext offers full White-label solution for operators and Internet Service Providers

IPTV Playback Applications

Off-the-shelf Android application for any IPTV/OTT/DVB streams with flexible and customizable UI will give your project a fast start. With our app you will get channel categorization, EPG (TV Guide), CAS/DRM support, white-label UI, and more...

inext IPTV off-the-shelf solution

Operator Tier Launcher

The Launcher is the center for all the activities on the TV entertainment device providing quick access to all apps and features of the device. inext launcher gives the operator a convenient way to build a custom interface that matches its respective brand in the shortest time.

inext ISP launcher

OTA Updates

inext devices in the field can receive and install over-the-air (OTA) updates of the system and applications. Our update management solution will help the operator to keep all of the devices secure and updated.

inext OTA Updates System

Device Management System (DMS)

inext Alcatraz – is a cloud Device Management System designed for monitoring and controlling Set-top boxes on operator's network.

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inext Alcatraz - Device Management System

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